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Scorpio (1972)

A quick one while she´s away.
Ok, so anybody has some information about the guys ? 
From Argentina...not to be confused with Escorpio.


Formación 2000 - El mundo al revés + bonus tracks (1969/70)

Perhaps here one of the most bizarre covers of the Beatles 
(I know... there are thousands out there !)
Listen, other goodies too, as Susie Q, Orgullosa Mary...anyway.

From Argentina, "world upside down".
Pre "Reloj".

Posted outhere n several places...but withouTheBonusTracksongs
1st drop: bomber


Séptima Brigada (1968/73)

More here

Not my favourites, but still something.


Los Mockers/Encadenados - Canciones Inéditas (1964/67)

Got´em ? 
Well, if not this is a great opporrttunnitty to know the guys (from Uruguay).
Recorded in Argentina, released on 1968.

English/spanish and french you ll hear.
For example. Pay attantziont to bombs nº 5, 6, 7... so so rare mixes-zation.

Spanish info here
English bio 

Well, you have : Los Encadenados (for some, Pre Mockers)

BOMB ingredients

Mockers tunes
1 viento 2 vuelve a mi 3 flotando en una nube 4 mi diosa 5 viaje con los Mockers (a trip with tha Mockers) 
6 chap charara 7 estoy llorando 8 creeme 9 la chica del sol 10 dime tan solo adios
11 cumpleaños 12 soy un cristal

B-O-N-U-S traxxx
13 botella de vino 14 el mundo al reves 15 canela
16 confesiones de medianoche 17 cpt grey 18 confusion

Encadenados songs
19 no puedo olvidarte 20 es dificil callar 21 horas, dias y noches
22 que quieres que haga? 23 time is on my side 24 i just wanna make love to you

LIVE ON TV " Carola y Carolina " 
25 (oh baby) we´ve got a good thing going 26 i just wanna make love to you

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