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64 The Doors Rarities Series - Live Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (1968)

The Doors record their only appearance on the show as everyone synchs to the music as Jim sings live. They perform 'Touch Me' and 'Wild Child' with the house orchestra. Robby is sporting a black eye during the performance but the real story behind that incident is unknown. Broadcast on December 15th, this performance was originally filmed on December 4th. The delay between recordings and airplay is typically 10 days.

(Smothers Brothers)

Por que Robby aparecio con un ojo morado?
How did Robby get his famous black eye?

Question: Didn't you appear with a black eye onstage at one point? What was that all about?
Robby said: Oh yeah. I got into a fight with Jim. They wanted to put makeup on, but I said no, maybe 20 years from now somebody will be interested and ask me about that.

Also said: Jim and I got in a fight. He won.!!! (jajajaj)

Soberbia aparicion de los Doors en la tele durante diciembre del 68, 2 temas muy bien interpretados, con arreglos orquestrales. Previamente publicados en otros compilados, pero en fin, material para coleccionistas en fin.

1-Wild Child
2-Touch Me


Saint Steven (1969)

Saint Steven is actually Steve Cataldo, who had previously been the guitarist and singer/songwriter for the minor late-'60s Boston psychedelic band Front Page Review. His 1969 album, also called Saint Steven, was similarly period psychedelia, not as underground as some, more pop-oriented than some others, and at the end of the day not too distinguished. Pop/rock and folk-rock sensibilities were sprinkled with bits of odd sound effects (animal roars, 1968 Republican Convention soundbites, etc.) on two pseudo side-long suites, never to either terrible or good results.