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The Big Three - What Did I Say (1962/64)

Around the time the Beatles started recording, the Big Three were one of their biggest Liverpool rivals. Their then-novel power trio attack was anchored by drummer Johnny "Hutch" Hutchinson, who actually filled the drum set for the Beatles as an emergency replacement on a few gigs. Managed by Brian Epstein as well, the Big Three were renowned locally as a tough, R&B-inflected outfit, but were made to cover pop material more suited for Gerry & the Pacemakers on most of their singles.

Pete Dello - Into your ears (1971)

Wes Dakus & The Rebels

Wes Dakus and The Rebels seemed to be destined for stardom in the mid-1960s. Recording in Clovis, New Mexico, with Buddy Holly's producer and manager Norman Petty, the band from Edmonton, Alberta recorded two collectable albums that included such raved-up rockers as "We've Got A Groovy Thing Going", "Hoochie Coochie Coo", "She Ain't No Angel", "Lobo Ferocious Dog" and "Manipulator'.

More info here and here.

Although they came close to having a hit with "Come On Down", fame was not in the cards for Wes Dakus and The Rebels. When Dakus retired from the group, in 1966, and opened an artist management company, the band became a footnote to rock history. Dennis Paul went on to play with Gainsborough Gallery and Stu Mitchell went solo. Guitarist Barry Allen continued to work briefly with Petty, recording one solo single.

"seminal instrumentals in the late 50s and early 60s, this long overdue first volume of vault purges shows off one of the roots of surf * * * * *
Superb compilation, all meat, no fat !
Notes: Wes Dakus Stuff, with the Rebels and with Barry Allan. Ouh yes.

Masked Marauders (1968)

The Knack...and how to get it (1965)

John Barry is one of the best-known composers of soundtrack music of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, but his career has carried him through a multitude of music genres and styles. He is best-known in film in connection with his work on the James Bond pictures, but Barry is also the holder of five Academy Awards, none of them for the Bond movies.

A superbly atmospheric John Barry score effectively conveyed the mood of swinging London for this 1965 film by Richard Lester. Usually playing around with variations of the haunting main theme, Barry used vivacious horns, melancholic strings, and above all a groovy jazz organ (played by Alan Haven). A couple of the tracks don't work well in isolation: the vaudevillian "Something's Up!," and the vocal version of the main theme (not used in the film) by mediocre singer Johnny De Little. But overall, it's got a consistently captivating groove, rating as one of Barry's best scores; the Rykodisc CD reissue has extensive liner notes about the film and the soundtrack, as well as good stills from the movie.

Audience ep (1971)

A London-based band who were popular on the club and college circuit. After an album for Polydor, which is now rare and sought-after because it was withdrawn soon after its release, they were signed to Charisma after they were spotted by the label's boss Tony Stratton-Smith supporting Led Zeppelin at the Lyceum in London.
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Pop Music Team - Society is a shit (1969)

Mexican rock band. This is their unreleased album from 1969. All original tracks with killer fuzz guitar and organ, mostly sung in English.
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Viv Stanshall - Peel Sessions

“'If I had all the money I'd spent on drink, I'd spend it on drink.'”

Fire - The Magic Shoemaker Live

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Peter Blanker - Satan Bedankt (1967)

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Peter Blanker - Satan Bedankt (1967)

Harry Wagemans - Laat Hem Maar Gaan (1965)

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Fuchsia (1971)

Trapeze (1970)

Spinetta & Los Socios Del Desierto - San Cristoforo (1999)

La banda Spinetta y los Socios del Desierto surgió en 1994, pero recién en 1997 Sony Music aceptó, después de una larga e intensa lucha de parte del Flaco, sus condiciones y editar su disco: Spinetta y los socios del desierto. Un disco grabado en vivo en el 20, 21 y 22 de agosto de 1999 en la Sala Pablo Picasso del Paseo La Plaza. San Cristóforo es un cd de covers de las bandas anteriores de Luis Alberto Spinetta como: Como el viento voy a ver de Pescado Rabioso, Ana no duerme y Rutas Argentinas de Almendra. Por otro lado, cuenta con El rebaño del pastor y Bosnia del CD Spinetta y los Socios del Desierto de 1997.

Penny Arkade - Not the freeze (1968)

For more than three and one half decades THE PENNY ARKADE has remained one of the best-kept secrets of late 1960s rock music. From 1967 to 1968, a span of nearly two years, this “shadow band” recorded music for two albums, various singles, played at some of the top Hollywood rock clubs, auditioned for a recurring role on a major network television series, was written up in such teen-oriented magazines as Tiger Beat , “hung out” with some of the top rock stars of the era and were at least indirectly associated with The Monkees. More info here.
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Stavely Makepeace - The Scrap Iron Rhythm Revue (1969/83)

Centred on the irrefutable talents of Nigel Fletcher and Rob Woodward, Stavely Makepeace began their career in the late 60s releasing singles on 8 different labels. In the mid 1970’s they also released records as an alter ego novelty band, Lieutenant Pigeon, and scored massive hits. Enough to keep funding the more serious side to their work as Stavely Makepeace.We present the first ever collection of their work (no album having been released to date), with the focus on their early - mid 1970’s peak period. (RPM records)
Band bio - album review.
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Les Playboys - Girl

featuring Dutronc
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The Cowsills - We can fly (1968)

The 'A' side to the above 45, All I Wanta Be Is Me, is quite an excellent garage record with almost sneering vocals. It has also resurfaced on Hipsville 29 B.C. (LP).
Former Navy man Bud Cowsill brought a couple of guitars back to Newport, RI. from Spain for his two older sons Bill and Bob (18 and 16 at the time). They taught themselves to play and were soon augmented by their younger brethren, Barry (11) and John (10). Precursors to The Osmonds brand of sibling pop, they were also managed by their father.
After the JODA 45 they had considerable success and released eight LPs and numerous 45 on MGM, Philips and London between 1966 and 1971. Bill Cowsill went solo and put out an LP in 1970. Sister Susan joined the group at a later stage and released some solo 45s in the mid-seventies.Their flower-power The Rain, The Park, And Other Things, is also reputedly worth a spin.

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Bryan Maclean - If you can believe in

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Trevor Lucas - Overlander (1966)

Lucas' solo album will most likely come as a surprise to those who know his work from Fotheringay and Fairport Convention. It's pure traditional British folk, featuring his guitar and deep vocals complemented by violin and accordion, without a trace of rock or folk-rock. It's competent but standard fare, comprised almost wholly of traditional tunes ("Waltzing Matilda" being the most familiar) and not one Lucas original. "South Australia" puts a bit of a spin on the genre, as there are relatively few British folk-styled performances with lyrics about Australia, rather than the British Isles. This rarity is primarily recommended to Fairport fanatics curious about the roots of one of Fairport Convention's second-line members; dozens if not hundreds of similar albums in the style have been made by other performers.

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