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V.A. - 2001: A space odyssey original soundtrack (1968)

Oh a : Le Classiq !
Digitally Remastered...
Well, I have also an "old classic" ear cause of my granpa. Ohhh yes, lots of weekends listening Ludwig Van, Brahms, Bach...


13th Floor Elevators - Austin Reunion (1984)

13th Floor Elevators at the Liberty Lunch in Austin, June 16th, 1984, about 123 minutes, and The 13th Floor Elevators live at The New Orleans Club as broadcasted by KAZZ-FM on March 16th, 1966, 30 minutes.
The 1984 show is taken from a first generation high bias cassette of the original beta cam recording. This is the complete show, and the sound is MUCH better then the two previously released pieces (Collectables 'Last Concert' and 'Live In Texas' - side 2). The show is total high energy, Roky is in great voice, the band kicks ass, and the crowd of over 1000 Elevators/Roky fans is loving it.

The band:
Roky Erickson: vocals, guitar
Greg "Catfish" Forrest, guitar
Ronnie Leatherman, bass
John Ike Walton, drums

The 13th Floor Elevators on KAZZ-FM is from a tape of unknown generation. This is the complete 30-minute radio show in original order with lots of historically interesting announcer comments, and I believe it is rather rare in this uncut form. The recording methods were obviously primitive, but the band with its original line-up are at their peak, 'Roller Coaster' and 'Gloria' are fantastic. "After you trip life opens up" - on the Texas air waves in early 1966!

The band:
Roky Erickson: vocals, rhythm guitar
Stacy Sutherland: lead guitar
Tommy Hall: amplified jug
Benny Thurman: bass
John Ike Walton: drums


The Doors Rarities Series - Live in Vancouver 1970

Not the latest release...but the old one, a crude recording. Collectors stuff.
Limited edition...as always here.


The Doors Rarities Series - The Jim Morrison Scrapbook

Beng Fong Torres interview... complete and longest version only here.


The Doors Rarities Series - Four Closed Doors (1967/68)

Wed. Sept. 18th:  Television-Byen - Gladsaxe, Copenhagen, Denmark 

    The Doors appear at 10:00 a.m. to do a live performance of six songs to nothing but a camera crew.  The band is obviously tired and there is no audience to feed off.  The recordings of "Love Me Two Times" and "Texas Radio and The Big Beat" are included in the album Alive She Cried and the video "Dance on Fire". 

Back with an old n well known recording.
I know... been posted in some places, here you have a good=>direct rip from the boot (cd)
ºººGood crude qualityººº



An introduction to Syd Barrett (2010)

2010 MIX


Gary Schyman - Sounds from the Lighthouse (2008)

In the mood of something QUITE DIFFERENT...
classical and vintage ears...WILL LOVE IT.
Old timers, granpas & mi-mas also!
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