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Scorpio (1972)

A quick one while she´s away.
Ok, so anybody has some information about the guys ? 
From Argentina...not to be confused with Escorpio.


Formación 2000 - El mundo al revés + bonus tracks (1969/70)

Perhaps here one of the most bizarre covers of the Beatles 
(I know... there are thousands out there !)
Listen, other goodies too, as Susie Q, Orgullosa Mary...anyway.

From Argentina, "world upside down".
Pre "Reloj".

Posted outhere n several places...but withouTheBonusTracksongs
1st drop: bomber


Séptima Brigada (1968/73)

More here

Not my favourites, but still something.


Los Mockers/Encadenados - Canciones Inéditas (1964/67)

Got´em ? 
Well, if not this is a great opporrttunnitty to know the guys (from Uruguay).
Recorded in Argentina, released on 1968.

English/spanish and french you ll hear.
For example. Pay attantziont to bombs nº 5, 6, 7... so so rare mixes-zation.

Spanish info here
English bio 

Well, you have : Los Encadenados (for some, Pre Mockers)

BOMB ingredients

Mockers tunes
1 viento 2 vuelve a mi 3 flotando en una nube 4 mi diosa 5 viaje con los Mockers (a trip with tha Mockers) 
6 chap charara 7 estoy llorando 8 creeme 9 la chica del sol 10 dime tan solo adios
11 cumpleaños 12 soy un cristal

B-O-N-U-S traxxx
13 botella de vino 14 el mundo al reves 15 canela
16 confesiones de medianoche 17 cpt grey 18 confusion

Encadenados songs
19 no puedo olvidarte 20 es dificil callar 21 horas, dias y noches
22 que quieres que haga? 23 time is on my side 24 i just wanna make love to you

LIVE ON TV " Carola y Carolina " 
25 (oh baby) we´ve got a good thing going 26 i just wanna make love to you

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But the blog its still alive.

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Neil Innes - Live (2006)

Eric Idle & Neil Innes - Rutland Weekend Tv (1976)

Rutland Weekend Television (RWT) was a television sketch show on BBC2, written by Eric Idle with music by Neil Innes. Two series, the first consisting of six episodes, the second of seven, were broadcast, in 1975 and 1976. A Christmas special also aired on Boxing Day 1975.

It was Idle's first television project after Monty Python's Flying Circus run ended the previous year. The show was the catalyst for The Rutles. Rutland Weekend Television or RWT centred on "Britain's smallest television network", situated in England's smallest (and mainly rural) county, Rutland. (wikikikikpedia)

Bonzo´s tube rarities

Inspired by the sphinx, must say this coz i was going to post this and realized that his link S/Still alive n kicking-


Various Bonzos

Rare traxxx

V.A. - By Jingo It's British Rubbish

Read more here

Featuring many pieces for the first time on CD, "By Jingo" charts the very British musical idiom epitomised by the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band : whimsical, trad jazz with a comedic twist.
Compiled by Danny Barbour with informative sleeve notes by ex-Bonzo Neil Innes, the CD features a No.1 single "You're Driving Me Crazy" and a top five single "Pasadena" by The Temperance Seven. The album also features the Temps' contemporaries The Alberts who have been closely involved in the compilation.
There are tracks featuring Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers and, of course, the inimitable Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.


Johnny Hallyday - Je suis l'amour

Well, something that I forgot to post back in the "ep" ol`days
(for the momentou, almost impossible to re up deleted shit)


Songs the Bonzo Dog Band taught us

Prehistory of the Bonzos
Read more there >>>


The Fruit Machine (1968/69)

Everything`bout thiz guys is welcom-e.
Well, psych for shure. Years?
More info h*e*r*e

4trax in here...yes...only available at the bomber shittttttttt-e.

The Valentines (1967/68)

aka as "Peculiar hole in the sky"


The Bonzo Dog Band - Lmu&bf rehearsals (1971/72)

Not my favourite studio lp, but still quite interesting...
More bout the lp here
I know...the 2nd picture it´s sou GREAT


The Bonzo Dog Band - Charity Shop Tapes Vol.1

Disc 1
01 Shirt TOP GEAR TX: 20/10/68 
02 Bride Stripped Bare TOP GEAR TX: 20/10/68
03 Ready Mades TOP GEAR TX: 20/10/68
04 Brain Opera 3 TOP GEAR TX: 20/10/68
05 My Pink Half Of The Drainpipe SATURDAY CLUB 12/68
06 Trouser Press SATURDAY CLUB 12/68
07 Mr Apollo SYMONDS ON SUNDAY TX: 9/3/69
08 Look Out There's A Monster Coming SYMONDS ON SUNDAY TX: 9/3/69
09 Humanoid Boogie SYMONDS ON SUNDAY TX: 9/3/69
10 Canyons Of Your Mind SYMONDS ON SUNDAY TX: 9/3/69
11 Can Blue Men Sing The Whites DNAYS 03/69
12 11 Moustachioed Daughters DNAYS 04/69
13 Mickey's Son And Daughter DNAYS 04/69 --not entirely sure on the origin of this one
14 Look At Me I'm Wonderful TOP GEAR TX: 13/4/69
All the transmission information on the files isn't guaranteed to be 100%, but I'm sure it's pretty accurate. This is probably the best Bonzo bootleg around, and in top quality, enjoy.


The Bonzo Dog Band - Rare interviews (fan club)

These files form the interview portions of a three hour radio program devoted to Doo Dah, The Bonzo Dog Band Fan Club. Most of the music aired was from commercial releases I already had in my collection. Anything played that was not in my collection at the time is included in the recording. I was mostly interested in hearing my friend Dean Cole and his Doo Dah pals, Mark Sceurman and Pete Valliere in their attempt to widen the fan base of the band. In the mid 1980's they published a newsletter package, informing fans of the current doings of the band members.
This program aired on WFMU-FM, East Orange, New Jersey, probably around 1985. The files have been run through noise reduction software to reduce tape hiss and hum, but there are parts which remain noisy in spite of my best efforts. Another thing to note here is that for the first few minutes of the interview there were problems in the studio, and the Doo Dah gang was off-mike. 



"Just got some horrible news, my brother and good friend, Mark Tulin of the Electric Prunes passed away today.

Was lucky enough to see him play with SP in LA and with Spirits In The Sky..

Terrible. RIP Mark.


Roky Erickson - More power to you (1983/84)

An AMAZING recording! I think Roky is reading out of his book, Openers and putting music to the poems/songs. It's all religious stuff and really gorgeous. "Jesus is not a hallucinogenic mushroom..." you gotta love that man. Some of these songs HAVE NEVER been heard and only known in lyrical form (until now). This is a real find.
I think you Syd Barrett folks will want this. You'll know what I mean when you hear it. It's like a "Barrett" session only with religious lyrics but they're lyrics that Roky wrote. It's NOT "Church" music. This is a REAL find and addition to the Roky Catalog. I'm telling you, this is the REAL DEAL.
The quality is a master tape clone that has been tweaked with Cool Edit Pro. The mic is right up there on the stage with Roky and he even bumps it a few times. The quality is gorgeous.


Roky Erickson - Evil Hook, wildlife 84 and more...

"Evil Hook Wildlife 84 and More"
Evil Hook Wildlife, Last Practice Session - 1984
    1. Arguing
    2. The Beast
    3. Talk
    4. Clear Night For Love
    5. The Wind And More (1)
    6. The Wind And More (2)
Last Gig - 1984
    7. Red Temple Prayer (Two Headed Dog)
    8. Don't Shake Me Lucifer
    9. I Walked With A Zombie
    10. Bermuda
    11. Red Temple Prayer (Two Headed Dog) (reprise)
--Spoken Words--
    12. Inards Outing In (from Two Twisted Tales)
    13. The Bank Robber (from Two Twisted Tales)
    14. Love To See You Bleed
    15. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
    16. Bumblebee Zombie (Aug 1976 w/The Aliens)
    17. Things That Go Bump In The Night (Aug 1976 w/The Aliens)
    18. Please Don't Kill My Baby (1978 Whisky A Go-Go, Los Angeles w/The Aliens)
    A snapshot of a band in disentegration! Somebody left a cigarette burning on Roky's amp and he's about to kill them! Like, stomp their guts out. Then he says that somebody stole his fuzz-box and the shit REALLY hits the fan! You mess with Roky's fuzz-box and you're playing with fire. There's some cool spoken word stuff on this disc as filler.


Roky Erickson & The Aliens - Live 1976

13th Floor Elevators - Reunions (1972/77)

1970's reunions. One is from Mother Earth in Austin on 2/11/73. This doesn't include Stacy or Tommy. The band sounds out of tune and out of practice. Still, it has moments and this band does sound the closest to the original group of all the reunions. The second part is Ol' Dog Saloon, Ingram, TX, 5/28/77. This has Stacy, John Ike, Ronnie but no Roky. A blues belter fills in on vocals. Both recordings are hand held audience and high gen. They have been processed.