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The Bonzo Dog Band - Charity Shop Tapes Vol.1

Disc 1
01 Shirt TOP GEAR TX: 20/10/68 
02 Bride Stripped Bare TOP GEAR TX: 20/10/68
03 Ready Mades TOP GEAR TX: 20/10/68
04 Brain Opera 3 TOP GEAR TX: 20/10/68
05 My Pink Half Of The Drainpipe SATURDAY CLUB 12/68
06 Trouser Press SATURDAY CLUB 12/68
07 Mr Apollo SYMONDS ON SUNDAY TX: 9/3/69
08 Look Out There's A Monster Coming SYMONDS ON SUNDAY TX: 9/3/69
09 Humanoid Boogie SYMONDS ON SUNDAY TX: 9/3/69
10 Canyons Of Your Mind SYMONDS ON SUNDAY TX: 9/3/69
11 Can Blue Men Sing The Whites DNAYS 03/69
12 11 Moustachioed Daughters DNAYS 04/69
13 Mickey's Son And Daughter DNAYS 04/69 --not entirely sure on the origin of this one
14 Look At Me I'm Wonderful TOP GEAR TX: 13/4/69
All the transmission information on the files isn't guaranteed to be 100%, but I'm sure it's pretty accurate. This is probably the best Bonzo bootleg around, and in top quality, enjoy.


The Bomber said...


The Cheese Knees said...

Thanks for all the Bonzo goodness. It may be a silly question but what does 'DNAYS' stand for?


Gummo said...

DNAYS = Do Not Adjust Your Set, a surreal comedy-sketch "children's" show that regularly featured the Bonzos as well as Eric Idle and a couple of other pre-Pythons.

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john said...

As with Roky and Bonzo is worth a good listen. Thanks.

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