Happiness only real when shared


Vinyl Raritaten 1 (1958/70)

Who tha f*** ! ! ??
Really cute puppy.


Claude Nougaro - Allez-y les bergeres

A tikitikiki-tun tun huuuuuu
Up up-UUUuuu !!!
Ripped only 2.
Allez s a great tune!, dont like b side.


Eddy Mitchell - Accompagné par le London all stars +5 (1964)

Celebrating Expo´s latest post...
also related with money ;)
we have this one here.


Johnny Hallyday - A tout casser (1967)

Wanna read some more?
Expo67 posted it long time ago.
Also Sarah is making a great work with the covers, I know Im not that good!
But something its something right?


MC5 - Sonic Revolution (2003)

Superb, live in London march 03
with special guests, read on the cover (klik to enlarge)
Well, its a damn good concert, really kicked ass.
My favourite on this one, as usually
SKUNK (sonically speaking)
In a few words, the MC5 are from DETROIT, you couldnt expect less!!!

A punch to get it [?], tryin' to get it / To do what I wanted to do / I cried and scream when I saw my dream / It was dancin' all around the room / Follow baby, save my soul / I just couldn't wait for you / Energy, energy, greatest drink [?] / And I knew what I had to do / Baby baby that's no lie / Baby baby don't ask me why

Take it, break it, break it up / Now glue it back together again / I'm tryin' to drive you / Tyin' it off then kick it back down the bend / ???? / Tryin' to delude me / Trying to give it all you can / Swingin' squealin' brushin' up / Now bring it all home to bed / Baby baby that's no lie / Sit on my face when you waste my time / ???? / Riding on the crest of a wave / How appallin', the music surrounds you / Sounding right in your way / Oh baby, off we go / Headin' for a brand new place / The song's been sung, the deed's been done / Staring you right in the face / Baby, baby watch your step / You know you really ain't seen nothing yet

I say: Sonically (bombing!) lightning your way!
-thats the MC5 for me-


Dick Rivers - Ne pleure pas (1965)

Its said that its difficult to find stuff about him.
Complete info of 45 s and eps.
Welly, this is an ep from 65.


Dick Rivers - Ces mots qu'on oublie un jour (1965)

Aaaauuuwwwwfuuulll cover!
typical from that time I know...
Dick (1964 - Pathé-Marconi - STX 177 France)Sometin to begin with good ole Dicky

Les Charlots - Hey Max (1967)

Hey Jo...no wait a minute!
Hey MAX !
Too good to not be an evergreen..


Paper Dream - She's No Good/My Mind's Eye (1969)

Oh Wow..FUZZ...psych heaven.
(Sir John A 7" SJA-7)

Originally on MP, back in the days
Animal mother bring this beauty again

Jacques Dutronc - A Tout Berzingue (1968)

Fairly stunning, big time.


Jacques Dutronc - Les Playboys (1966)

I like the vein of sur une nappe.../on nous cache... & la fille du, but les playboys song ... mmm not that much, still worth the ride yeah.
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