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MC5 - Sonic Revolution (2003)

Superb, live in London march 03
with special guests, read on the cover (klik to enlarge)
Well, its a damn good concert, really kicked ass.
My favourite on this one, as usually
SKUNK (sonically speaking)
In a few words, the MC5 are from DETROIT, you couldnt expect less!!!

A punch to get it [?], tryin' to get it / To do what I wanted to do / I cried and scream when I saw my dream / It was dancin' all around the room / Follow baby, save my soul / I just couldn't wait for you / Energy, energy, greatest drink [?] / And I knew what I had to do / Baby baby that's no lie / Baby baby don't ask me why

Take it, break it, break it up / Now glue it back together again / I'm tryin' to drive you / Tyin' it off then kick it back down the bend / ???? / Tryin' to delude me / Trying to give it all you can / Swingin' squealin' brushin' up / Now bring it all home to bed / Baby baby that's no lie / Sit on my face when you waste my time / ???? / Riding on the crest of a wave / How appallin', the music surrounds you / Sounding right in your way / Oh baby, off we go / Headin' for a brand new place / The song's been sung, the deed's been done / Staring you right in the face / Baby, baby watch your step / You know you really ain't seen nothing yet

I say: Sonically (bombing!) lightning your way!
-thats the MC5 for me-


The Bomber said...

passw: bomber-blog.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ........................................

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Not sure if your other site here is old lyric sheets or what but I will download this as I just saw the MC5 movie (got it from old friend Longy at the excellent Punk Friction blog--he has posted many good rock films). Thanks el Bomber!!!

The Ox said...

muy bueno...
me parece que hay buenas bandas en ese específico complejo espacio-temporal(jijijijijijij) del detroit de los sesentas-setentas...
buen blog, para ser honesto, le debo mucho (de pseudo-formación jo)
espero, retribuir en algo, tal vez después(pues apenas empieza): http://wakanwoman.blogspot.com/
best wishes from somewhere between the U.S. and Guatemala...

The Bomber said...

Gracias viejo por tus comentarios.
Felicitaciones y adelante con ese nuevo blog!


mds_sucker93 said...

oye, acabo de subir este recital en DVDrip no se si te interesa te paso los links. Saludos!! me encata tu blog.
Rama lama fa fa fa!

The Bomber said...

Buenisimo, asi lo pueden tener los demas tambien!

A la espera entonces, saludos

mds_sucker93 said...

Ok, aqui tienen

8 partes de 95 y una de 33, tambien lo estoy subiendo a rapidshare por que ultimamente megaupload esta dando problemas con los links.


The Bomber said...

Que grande!!!