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Claude Nougaro - Allez-y les bergeres

A tikitikiki-tun tun huuuuuu
Up up-UUUuuu !!!
Ripped only 2.
Allez s a great tune!, dont like b side.


JeanBernardFrance said...

I admit I don't know very well the songs of this artist,in my memory more remembered as a swing soul (perhaps also jazzy)singer.
It will be a good occasion to discover the songs .
Thanks for this post.

JeanBernardFrance said...

All the beautiful EPs you posted make me ask a few questions on the importance of EPs format in sixties music in the world.Have you a few informations from different countries of South America or others.
Sarah answered for Germany and also an answer for Belgium on Cousin Mike.
For France I know.

The Bomber said...

Hi there JBF.
Importance of the eps in the 60s ?
Well, i think they were less important than the singles, cause you could here em on the radio for promotional reasons, not a complete ep in that chase.(remember the eps= 12,5 min each side, most of the times)
But also to made a good introduction for a whole lp...like the Beatles did or the Troggs, just to mention a few...
I cant tell how it was back in the days cause im from the late 80s...

Sorry, i dont have info from Southamerica, just can say that we had the national editions of the singles... very very rare to find eps.

French were lot easier cause that land my friend, was a great comercial point, good estrategical zone.

The Bomber said...

I wont be able to rip this one...my granpa took it to his home these days...perhaps in a few months I ll post it.

JeanBernardFrance said...

Thanks for answer Pablo.No problem for Claude N,I am not a great fan of his music and his special voice.Of course the man have his fans here but not the rock ones.
Another Michel EP posted by Anyonesdaughter,nice .

JeanBernardFrance said...

Hello Pablo
Have you seen on Rato Records blog "salut les copains"(name of a sixties French radio show) compilations of sixties French songs from EPs.

Anonymous said...

Lot of EPs also on mcluhansgarden.
Jean Bernard.

The Bomber said...

I dont know those blogs...or at least i dont remember dropping by.

Ill check