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Johnny Hallyday - A tout casser (1967)

Wanna read some more?
Expo67 posted it long time ago.
Also Sarah is making a great work with the covers, I know Im not that good!
But something its something right?


The Bomber said...

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JeanBernardFrance said...

"a tout casser " is a very good song with guitar playing of Jimmy Page.I remember also having seen on a JH song(don't remember the title) a credit for Jimi Hendrix.Jimi H played the first part in a JH show sang "Hey Joe";JH found it good I think and made the French cover of the song.
And L.Messi recently scored 3 goals in a match,this player is more dangerous than the Pretty ThingS.
Last week Johnny winter played a show near my town,all along he stays on a chair,eyes closed and it was a little sad to see this great guitarist so.Better listen to his albums and specially the fantastic"captured live.
And now Pablo Its time to post again more Dick R.
Thanks for all french EPs posted.


On hésite toujours avec ce type...
Tellement de souvenirs liés à l'enfance !
Il faut dire qu'apres 1975 , la bête (dans tous les sens du terme) de scène qu'il était va plus que se calmer ! Un "suiveur" surtout!
Bilan: 2 albums : "Les rocks les plus terribles" et l'album "au bandeau" qui contient "Je te veux"!

Ce qu'il est devenu aujourd'hui est moins glorieux et particulièrement nauséabond !

anyonesdaughter said...

nice nice!! i didnt have this one yet, although 'a tout casser' is on a jimmy page anthology that i have, along with another hallyday track simply titled 'psychedelic'.
thanks for those amazing cover pics, theyre simply boasting with coolness! with his hair, sunglasses and motorbike he really looks like a late 50s rebel, yeahhhh....
and thanks a lot for linking my hallyday series here!! i still have five or six polnareff ("mishel") eps that i havent posted yet, so you know now whats coming next weekend...


dave said...

I know you know Hallyday means several degrees of nothing this side of la Manche, but that's such a cool cover and the sainted Jimmy Page is on it, so how can I resist? Merci bien!

JeanBernardFrance said...

Today on Cousin Mike a post of a very good Belgium sixties instrumental group"Les Apaches"(with such a name of course in a Shadows style).

Exeter said...

My French teacher LOVES Johnny Hallyday!!
Merci Beauoup!

The Bomber said...

you ll love it too!!!

Gabriel said...

Necesito los subtitulos en español o en ingles de la pelicula jean-philippe de johnny hallyday. en argentina no existe la pelicula y en internet no logro conseguirlos. desde ya muchas gracias. por favor, es para mi padre que es fanatico de él.
mi correo: gabrielbaldi@hotmail.com