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Jacques Dutronc - A Tout Berzingue (1968)

Fairly stunning, big time.


anyonesdaughter said...

FANTASTIC!!! i didnt have this dutronc release yet, great.
youre my hero for today :)

want some more "mishel" in exchange?

JeanBernardFrance said...

Great artist and of course great music.For big fans of the artist Sony issued last year a 13 cds box"complete vogue EPs";best price on sellers of amazone.com.Hope the same work will be made with Michel P(specially for I think the pleasure of anyonesdaughter).
Thanks for this post Pablo.

The Bomber said...

passw: bomber-blog.blogspot.com

Popville said...

I adored the 3rd cut "Proverbes" - on my 3rd listen. I could imagine Tim Buckley or The Wallace Collection covering this. And the password that worked for me was "bomber".

The Bomber said...

thanks to Popville,
Passw: bomber

:) sorry

Tim Buckley...yes!

Betto Skin said...

link deleted

The Bomber said...

Yeah...sorry bout that dear Betto, ask for a re up mission to those lucky ones which donwloaded the ep
thats the best I can do at the moment

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