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Antoine - Un elephant me regarde (1966)

Vinyl, 7", EP
Yeap...good one, listen.


This blog is 3 years old now ! ! !

Just want to say THANKS all those who visit the place,
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quote the Yardbirds:
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The 4 Instants - Discotheque (1966)

...:served once by jim know from i flips me lid:...
He said:

Here's one I uploaded for a pal in Austria. Crypto-garage/freakbeat styles from 1966, by a team of what are probably UK session players. (jim)

If you ask me...this lp is highly recommended for the entertainment of the whole family, shure, tell me if you didnt like it after 1 listen ? ? I dare you !

Ray Hoff & the Off Beats - Let's Go (1966)

Legendary 1966 Aussie R'n'B album re-issued with one bonus track. Their sole album. Easily in the top five rarest Australian 60's albums. Mastered directly from the original mastertapes.
01. Chaser / I've Got My Mojo Working
02. In The Midnight Hour
03. Mercy, Mercy
04. Ain't Doin' Too Bad
05. Bama Lama Bama Loo
06. My Good Friend Mary Jane
07. Sinners Prayers
08. Sweet Little Rock'n'Roller
09. Lookin' For My Pigs
10. Uncle Willee
11. Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go
12. Tossin' & Turnin'


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Pictures for the memory
Hall of fame guy (jam partner of)
With the great BO
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El Toro & Les Cyclones - Oncle John (1961)

The cousin did it once, well...here you have a venel rip...sorry its quite old, some damage suffered...
Drop some...