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Five D (1965/68)

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Five D/5d/5 d/ 5 D.This pop/rock group from Ottawa, Ontario, started out as The Fifth Dimension in 1965 but had to change name to avoid problems with the better-known American band.
Later recruits to the band were Mark Corbin (gtr, vcls) and Jim Pugliaro (drms). Their most successful 45 was Running Round In Circles, which rose to No. 72 on 19th August 1967. They relocated to Toronto in late 1967. Their final live appearance in July 1968 saw them play as a back-up orchestra with The Who, The Troggs and Ohio Express. The original members have performed at several re-union gigs in Ottawa since the late eighties.


V.A. - Holy Fuzz

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Holy f***... really good.