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The very best of The Master's Apprentices (Expanded)

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V.A. - Andergraun Vibrations Vol 1 (1970/75)

Cool tunes here - Buenos temas.
Algo de fuzz, algo de rock, psych y demas. Despues me dicen que tal...
Ah si, me olvidaba, compilado de bandas gallegas.
Im having fun with these new tools to do the "bomb post". Yeiy!
Como esta Pablo!!! menuda sorpresa ver esta pedazo de recopilatorio...espero que te halla gustado, a mi me encanta, un par de cuestiones :
Este es el primer volumen no el segundo, la edicion en vinilo salio con la portada azul y la edicion cd en amarillo, el link que has puesto esta equivocado, lo se porque tengo todas los volumenes.
Lo de bandas gallegas me imagino que te referiras a banda españolas, por que hay de todo, pero como anecdota te comento que Ibiza sound eran un grupo de guiris afincados en Ibiza, por lo que el disco no es del todo 100% español o gallego como decis en tu querida Arqgentina.
Un saludo amigo. LOBOK 75


Jacques Dutronc - J´aime les filles

4 bombs in one ep.
Wyld, fuzzy, fast n crude...yeahhh superb!!!
Aahh oouu, the opening its "more quiet".
Just gimme power in...1:37.


10 Years of Offshore Radio (1974)

2 x Vinyl, LP, Mono
A documentary double LP with "sound recordings of the highlights of British offshore radio 1964 - 1974. Including S.O.S. dramas, jingles & commercials."Set list & more here.
Assembled on these records are a collection of historic & valuable recordings from a unique era in radio broadcasting.
During the mid sixties, when the offshore radio stations were at their peak, an estimated 35 million listeners a day, turned these broadcasts, which were beamed from defunct ships and rusty war-time forts, scattered around our coast.
May these lps serve as a reminder, a permanent record and a keep-sake of some of the happy, historic & dramatic moments in the history of offshore radio broadcasting.
Take care of these recordings, as they are sure to become even more valuable in the years to come. (lp notes)


7% Solution - Gabriel's Waltz (1999)

The new release from Texas-based Seven Percent Solution offers up more of the bands' beautifully mind expanding psychedelia and is a magnificent follow up to their debut CD "All About Satellites And Spaceships". The band consists of Reese Beeman on guitar, bass, and vocals, James Adkisson on guitar, Scott Sasser on drums, and Julian Capps on guitar and bass (apparently having replaced Dwayn Moore).

Seven Percent Solution plays dreamy guitar-driven psychedelia with soft lullaby vocals. The guitars work together to create some of the most beautiful psych I've heard in a while. This is floating trippy music rather than being acid psych. The guitarists do such an admirable and creative job of developing their sounds that it's hard to believe no keyboards or synths are used. While listening to the song "The Innocentes" I jotted down a note asking "are there really no keys?", and the band later confirmed that the music is all guitars with this track being the exception from both CD's (an omnichord was used on this track).

The band creates an atmosphere that one could get lost in right from the opening track ("Dear Anne") with one guitar strumming softly while the other creates a synth-like choral background. "Threshold" is a similar song that really displays the bands ability to create both atmosphere and melody.

More here at the Aural.

In the mood for space psychy sounds???


Lots of 45 here...psych-pop & more...

A treasure full of secrets...

Beegees, NatKing, BjThomas, Bill Lere, Every MotherSon, Hermans Hermm, Lee Hazle, Neil Diamond, 5th Dimension, New Colony Six, The Searchers, The Troggs, The Hullaballoos & much more!

"Hey Pablo! Some cool Mushroom stuff and you know me, I love mushrooms:>}
Say, I thought of you as I just posted a tin O' 45's at my blog...here is the link (still in my cache..hehe) as you may want to separate out some of them and


Mushroom - Analog Hi-Fi Surprise (1999)

  • Experimental Rock
  • Instrumental Rock
  • Jazz-Rock
  • Kraut Rock
  • Psychedelic

From Aural Innovations #22 (January 2003)

When it came out in 1999, there wasn’t much else on the music scene that sounded anything like Mushroom’s Analog Hi-Fi Surprise. Utilizing the rhythmic structures of modern electronica, but playing music on vintage instruments that combined the groundbreaking jazz styles of Bitches Brew era Miles Davis and Head Hunters era Herbie Hancock with the German kosmische musik explorers like Can and Neu!, Mushroom created a masterwork of freaked out funky fusion and swirling psychedelic space jazz that has, in the few short years since its release, been highly influential in its own right. And although it may be a little bit premature for a re-issue with bonus tracks, I don’t think you’ll hear any Mushroom fans complaining. Certainly not this one!

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For a band that's only been together a short time, space rockers Mushroom are certainly prolific! On its sixth release, the instrumental band mine the depths of Krautrock while pushing the envelope of electronica by using vintage musical equipment in place of state-of-the-art computerized gadgets. "The Magic of Michael" and "October 1970" are trance-missions while "Rackets" hovers more in King Crimson territory thanks to guitarist Dan Olmstead's own brand of "Frippertronics" (the man-made electronic sounds give the song an absolutely contemporary edge). And there seem to be no shortage of clever titles in the 'shroom's bag of tricks: "Our buddy Miles" riffs on keyboards and funk, while "A song of remembrance for a time when wife swapping was considered politically correct" is all about the feedback. (AMg)


Shin Jung Hyun & The Questions - In a kadda da vida (1970)

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Jhonny Rock be good!Wiki
the godfather of...

Beloved Dirk words:
Shin jung hyun played his band questions with guest singers(Kim Chu-Ja,Song Man-Su,Park In-Su) at this live show. Recommendable songs are Side A4 and Side B1. Side A5 Funky Broadway is a cover song of Wilson Picket and great psychedelic improvisation!! and Side B has a only one song. The song is a cover song In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida of Iron Butterfly. This cover play of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida of Iron Butterfly is a legend, till now. I think that this live song is a best of best Korean psychedelic live Jam!! and great and very very nice noise feast.
Highly recommendable record!!


The Velvet Underground - Live at Max's Kansas City/Foggy Notion 7"/Ride into the Sun 7"

Wonderful art session.

This looks like a mutant post.

Man, I just love those covers.

Thanks Bomber. Been a rippin' tonight..here's a link to some Velvet Underground - Live at Max's Kansas City LP '72 & Foggy Notion 7 & Ride into the Sun 7 for y'all:>} (can't post it tho' since that name is owned up the ying yang)

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube