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Danyel Gerard et les Danger´s - le petit Gonzalés (1963)

The cousin made it one day.
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The Bomber said...

passw: bomber-blog.blogspot.com

JeanBernardFrance said...

Let's twist again.
Finally I think France was sixties EPs land.In this time not a lot of singles in France and much LPs were US & UK imports,so I think musical labels opted for a mid solution ;EPs ,not as expensive as Lps , 2 more tracks than singles and beautiful covers.
I remember having bought the 2 Vogue EPs of the DOORS"Break on through" &"Light my fire"(with so beautiful orange cover) and after changed them with first LP.Very stupid when I see today cotations of these EPs,but in this time we were not thinking "collection" but the pleasure was to discover music and to listen to "the End" song only one possibility:found the album.

anyonesdaughter said...

thanks for this jewel, bomber!
but go and check my blog aswell... surpriiiise waiting ;-)

Julian said...

and yet, typical from the era (and nowadays) in France, two mistakes on the sleeve (I'm Blues is actually Ike Turner's I'm Blue and Les Danger's should actually spell Dangers. The french typically mistakenly add a ' before the final s.

Thanks a million for this gem.

The Bomber said...

Yes Juli, typical as you said...also remember a couple of Sonics eps/singles, one of the Prunes, also The Standells, just to mention a few...

glad you all enjoy this one!
(stay in tune for more french goodies)


Betto Skin said...

Thanx again man....

JeanBernardFrance said...

Hello Pablo.
If Messi in so great condition in 2 months as this evening(4 goals with Barcelona) I thing better to give directly World Cup to Argentina without playing.What a chance to have a so great player in a team.

The Bomber said...

Ouh yes JB, Lio s on FFFiiiRRREEE !
Lets hope he plays the same in Argentina.

He has become a kind of god/idol there in España.

Ouuhh keep the gols coming

Anonymous said...

I'm a great fan of the blog and just for one time I can help you after thst you help every time us.
I have the titles of the Lincoln st exit 'couse a friend gave me the demos

1 Half Man
2 Orange Benevolee
3 She's Upon The Way
4 Yellow Man In Paris
5 She's My Everything
6 Open Door Way
7 ?
8 ?
9 Forever Or Not At All
10 Forever Or Not At All

Ok? So you can correct the tracks if you want.
Cheers from Rome

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