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Lincoln Street Exit (1968/70)

Nothing better...
served by MP

(Psych-Out 7" EP)
USA 1968

Back n the goodoledays, when Maxi used to post!
remember dontcha mamma?
you shure remember the dirty mother blues & others too.
In the bombers infancy...
I used to shout out loud: iiinnnnnnncooomiiingggggggggg ! ! !

Well whats different w/this post: contains the demos for the unreleased album, recorded in 1969, perhaps their -2 "I never see the light" lp-.
More raw, more crude, in a few words, more beautiful sounds, thats for shure!
The covers are beautiful, I know...


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this download.

Anonymous said...

Track 7 is "Whatever happened to Baby Jesus".

If you are looking for more, XIT was a 1970s version of Lincoln Street Exit, that departed from psych/bluesrock to political American Indian topics. An album "Entrance" by this outfit contains posthumous issues of unreleased Lincoln Street Exit material, specifically almost all of the tracks featured here. Originally aired in 1974, and receiving a CD reissue in the mid-90s, this contains superior sounding versions from the master tapes.

The Bomber said...

Yes, Xit stuff is very good too, indeed.

Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I'm a great fan of the blog and just for one time I can help you after thst you help every time us.
I have the titles of the Lincoln st exit 'couse a friend gave me the demos

1 Half Man
2 Orange Benevolee
3 She's Upon The Way
4 Yellow Man In Paris
5 She's My Everything
6 Open Door Way
7 Whatever happened To Baby Jesus
8 ?
9 Forever Or Not At All
10 Forever Or Not At All

Ok? So you can correct the tracks if you want.
Cheers from Rome

The Bomber said...

Thanks for your help,Rome-man.
Now we have the correct track-list
thanks to you&yr friend.

Cheers matesy!

Wendel said...


Great contribution. Am a fan of Xit and Lincoln Street Exit. Can you tell me how I can download the demo version (1968-1970) in order to listen to it.

kamagra said...

I think that it is great that there are some albums that they weren't relased and after a period of time you can get it.