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Shin Jung Hyun & The Questions - In a kadda da vida (1970)

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Beloved Dirk words:
Shin jung hyun played his band questions with guest singers(Kim Chu-Ja,Song Man-Su,Park In-Su) at this live show. Recommendable songs are Side A4 and Side B1. Side A5 Funky Broadway is a cover song of Wilson Picket and great psychedelic improvisation!! and Side B has a only one song. The song is a cover song In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida of Iron Butterfly. This cover play of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida of Iron Butterfly is a legend, till now. I think that this live song is a best of best Korean psychedelic live Jam!! and great and very very nice noise feast.
Highly recommendable record!!


gilhodges said...

Ah, the beloved Dirk indeed. I first saw this posted at Cities on Flame. That copy was unfortunately out of phase. Can't wait to hear this one. Thank you so much in advance.

The Bomber said...

Passw: bomber-blog.blogspot.com

peyote said...

Gracias por avisarme lo del link caído.Abrazos

Margarine said...

Hi there, wowow..

Big thanks for sharing this, amma big fan of obscure girlbeat, unfortunately the link died, any chance for a re pls.? Awsome job, *huggles* ^_^


The Bomber said...

@peyote: un gusto amigo! saludazos!


the link is not dead, just you need to try several times, sometimes the servers are too bussy.

Margarine said...

Kewl :) , working... Yr the BEST, thanks!

Los Peores Discos said...

Bomber: ¿que te puedo decir despues de esto y de todo lo demas?


Anonymous said...

Incredible. Thanks for something very special.

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I think that this album is one of the worst in the world, I think that this kind of music is really good but this album is a fail! thanks for sharing! good job!

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Is this animitation of the classic In gadda da vida from iron butterfly ?