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10 Years of Offshore Radio (1974)

2 x Vinyl, LP, Mono
A documentary double LP with "sound recordings of the highlights of British offshore radio 1964 - 1974. Including S.O.S. dramas, jingles & commercials."Set list & more here.
Assembled on these records are a collection of historic & valuable recordings from a unique era in radio broadcasting.
During the mid sixties, when the offshore radio stations were at their peak, an estimated 35 million listeners a day, turned these broadcasts, which were beamed from defunct ships and rusty war-time forts, scattered around our coast.
May these lps serve as a reminder, a permanent record and a keep-sake of some of the happy, historic & dramatic moments in the history of offshore radio broadcasting.
Take care of these recordings, as they are sure to become even more valuable in the years to come. (lp notes)


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

This is very impressive my fine gunpowdered friend. We need a blogs-to-permanent-library-archive movement I think. Well hit me up on my link to the blog DU as I just ripped some treats tonight...Mingus, Coltrane, Dolphy, Coltrane, Crusaders - Street Life, Bongos & The Groovies, The Sunshine Band...man, I get away with so much--away from the norm I think at the DU blog there..ha ha

The Bomber said...

Yes, this is a historical document...and yes, saw all those goodies you posted reciently...
great clasic stuff!

(add a link to the DU blog here in the blog)

The Bomber said...

passw: bomber-blog.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

....a very valuable post..because offshore radio was a booster to music, creativity and freedom from the late 1950s to the late 1980s..thankyou!

Cousin-Mike said...
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Edd_Vick said...

My dad managed a couple of the offshore radio stations, so it was really neat to see this.

The Bomber said...

Yeah...glad you appreciate this one Edd...a true rare treasure and no more repercution :(

well...at least we are a good number that still remember what Caroline did for the music!

kamagra said...

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