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Jacques Dutronc - J´aime les filles

4 bombs in one ep.
Wyld, fuzzy, fast n crude...yeahhh superb!!!
Aahh oouu, the opening its "more quiet".
Just gimme power in...1:37.


The Bomber said...

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JeanBernardFrance said...

J'aime les filles is certainly the more romantic song of Jacques.A message from Pablo to all the girls ?.Under the "garage heart "of Bomber sleep perhaps the greatest romantic sensibility.
Thanks for this French post.

anyonesdaughter said...

maybe jeanbernard is right, who knows? ;-)
thanks so much for this, bomber. i just bought two other dutronc records, the 'hippie hippie hourrah' ep and a 45 with yvelines on the a-side. so maybe not soon, but sometime later youll find those on my blog.

The Bomber said...

Sometimes when I get "romantic", I play some old balads & yes, Jacques tune is one of them, but after a few minutes I put some rockier tunes, like the Standells or The Litter, that way I feel natural again!

Ah dear Sarah, it would be great to see that new material in the 20flight,


Anonymous said...

Hi, do you have any of the spanish comps like, andergraun vibrations (1,2,3,more), the spanish trip, Atenshion! Refleshion!? thanks

2mates said...


Zeno said...

Thank You for Jacques!