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The Fruit Machine (1968/69)

Everything`bout thiz guys is welcom-e.
Well, psych for shure. Years?
More info h*e*r*e

4trax in here...yes...only available at the bomber shittttttttt-e.

The Valentines (1967/68)

aka as "Peculiar hole in the sky"


The Bonzo Dog Band - Lmu&bf rehearsals (1971/72)

Not my favourite studio lp, but still quite interesting...
More bout the lp here
I know...the 2nd picture it´s sou GREAT


The Bonzo Dog Band - Charity Shop Tapes Vol.1

Disc 1
01 Shirt TOP GEAR TX: 20/10/68 
02 Bride Stripped Bare TOP GEAR TX: 20/10/68
03 Ready Mades TOP GEAR TX: 20/10/68
04 Brain Opera 3 TOP GEAR TX: 20/10/68
05 My Pink Half Of The Drainpipe SATURDAY CLUB 12/68
06 Trouser Press SATURDAY CLUB 12/68
07 Mr Apollo SYMONDS ON SUNDAY TX: 9/3/69
08 Look Out There's A Monster Coming SYMONDS ON SUNDAY TX: 9/3/69
09 Humanoid Boogie SYMONDS ON SUNDAY TX: 9/3/69
10 Canyons Of Your Mind SYMONDS ON SUNDAY TX: 9/3/69
11 Can Blue Men Sing The Whites DNAYS 03/69
12 11 Moustachioed Daughters DNAYS 04/69
13 Mickey's Son And Daughter DNAYS 04/69 --not entirely sure on the origin of this one
14 Look At Me I'm Wonderful TOP GEAR TX: 13/4/69
All the transmission information on the files isn't guaranteed to be 100%, but I'm sure it's pretty accurate. This is probably the best Bonzo bootleg around, and in top quality, enjoy.


The Bonzo Dog Band - Rare interviews (fan club)

These files form the interview portions of a three hour radio program devoted to Doo Dah, The Bonzo Dog Band Fan Club. Most of the music aired was from commercial releases I already had in my collection. Anything played that was not in my collection at the time is included in the recording. I was mostly interested in hearing my friend Dean Cole and his Doo Dah pals, Mark Sceurman and Pete Valliere in their attempt to widen the fan base of the band. In the mid 1980's they published a newsletter package, informing fans of the current doings of the band members.
This program aired on WFMU-FM, East Orange, New Jersey, probably around 1985. The files have been run through noise reduction software to reduce tape hiss and hum, but there are parts which remain noisy in spite of my best efforts. Another thing to note here is that for the first few minutes of the interview there were problems in the studio, and the Doo Dah gang was off-mike.