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Resonance - Ok Chicago

>ohh a classic!<

Procro Magnum - A whiter shade of pale (1967)

Released in July 1967 in Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands (all in different picture sleeves). Just a couple of British guys trying to make a quick buck. The b-side, Neurotic Saga, was written by one Blakeley according to the German and Dutch labels, by Burt Blakey and William Bennett according to the French and Spanish labels. On the French picture sleeve it even says: No. 1 au Hit-parade! (Frans Steensma)
Illustrated: A Whiter Shade of Pale ... on Polydor 9 108 in Germany, backed with Neurotic Saga
Like Probus Harlem and Prock Harson (qv) this is evidently a band hoping their soundalike name will cause them to be mistaken for the real thing. (XXX)

King Richard & The Knights - Precision!+other 60´s Albuquerque groups

Always thought it was albuRquerque...nope.
Long title yes, some classic rock tunes.
Ugly cover, yes.



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