Happiness only real when shared


It´s not just me!

Ouuhhh do the right thing and drop some lines in those striking-rare-musical-bombs.


Anonymous said...

Man, many thanks for your great stuff. I really appreciate it though I don't leave comments very often.
It's not just you :)

Anonymous said...


Kwai Chang said...

Showing gratitude is always a personal obligation, but who wants to hear or read any bulk of 'Thanks' when almost everyone is holding onto valuable slivers of informative insight. It is often that I have nothing valuable to add to what's been written...but that's when I leave a comment that tries to offer enthusiasm to the plate...and hopefully that will lead me to some freshly fallen acorns that I can cultivate into mighty Oaks. Is that wishful thinking? Heck no! I want all of that history that you folks have been holding back. So, 'Thanks' for that, in advance!!! I'm no writer, I'm just addicted to juicy morsels that need not go to waste! I hope that helps! Do not fear commenting for it confirms that we still have a pulse.
PS- To all: Nothing is Anonymous on the internet. If you think it is, then you are deceived!