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Ray Hoff & the Off Beats - Let's Go (1966)

Legendary 1966 Aussie R'n'B album re-issued with one bonus track. Their sole album. Easily in the top five rarest Australian 60's albums. Mastered directly from the original mastertapes.
01. Chaser / I've Got My Mojo Working
02. In The Midnight Hour
03. Mercy, Mercy
04. Ain't Doin' Too Bad
05. Bama Lama Bama Loo
06. My Good Friend Mary Jane
07. Sinners Prayers
08. Sweet Little Rock'n'Roller
09. Lookin' For My Pigs
10. Uncle Willee
11. Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go
12. Tossin' & Turnin'


& now something of Jimmy
bio in 3 p-art-s

Pictures for the memory
Hall of fame guy (jam partner of)
With the great BO
& here with Chuck, Im shure you know this "guy"


The Bomber said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bomber, thanks for this "rare' treat. I used to like hearing Ray back in the sixties.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bomber I haven't heard Ray Hoffs before looking forward to it!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bomber, Thanks for this, now have it, but is not accepting of the password above. Help! Stretch

Anonymous said...

Hi Bomber, I had pasted the pw from web site.. then me-thinks paste the above link here, and I can now say WORKS. Thanks Stretch

The Bomber said...

well, let me know if you have another troubles...

glad you enjoyed this one guys...
its very rare and a hard-to-get.


YankeeBoy said...

When I cut and pasted the password, I had to include the space before "bomber..."

Great post, thanks.

The Bomber said...

Ouh, chiz, thanks for the tip,
havent recieved any complain or trouble, well it looks like we need that space.

Cheers !

Esmenard Victor said...

Thank you for this one. A great group, and I didn't know all this stuff !

Great :)

The Bomber said...

super dooper good! Suitable r&b...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one...

Anonymous said...

...and thanks for the nice comment in my blog.

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In the third picture there is a person with a rectangular guitar. I didn't know that something like that existed.