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Jacques Dutronc - Les Playboys (1966)

I like the vein of sur une nappe.../on nous cache... & la fille du, but les playboys song ... mmm not that much, still worth the ride yeah.
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JeanBernardFrance said...

cuando el "playboy" Pablo va a enviar el linco de la famosa cancion de Jacques Dutronc?

The Bomber said...

Hahahahah...ahi te va amigo!
(for you soon my friend!)

The Bomber said...

passw: bomber-blog.blogspot.com

JeanBernardFrance said...

Thanks for link Pablo.On this EP also a great rock song"la fille du pere noel".Jacques Dutronc is actually making a come back with live dates.
Do you know this artist is always smoking big cigars and caused a little scandal a few weeks ago when he announced his come back on TV smoking his cigar.It was in a public TV show and in France forbidden to smoke in such TV shows.
The last film on Serge Gainsbourg must change the bill,on the picture only smoke but no cigarette(also forbidden).
Yes France land of freedom?..

The Bomber said...

Ouh I do like big cigars, not the regular ones, especially the from cuba.

Nice info you are giving me! Both of them are rockers to me...Course Jacq s more!!!

I dont think theres such place as the freedomland... =(

JeanBernardFrance said...

Strangely I was just drinking a coffee called "Davidoff" an hour ago;I think it comes also from the same named cigar producer.
Pablo are you finding all the French records in your country or on sellers like ebay or others?.
I remember your posts of Evariste and asked you if you have the first EP with "wo I nee"but you don't answered.

The Bomber said...

ebay, french bay (heheh), paying attentiziton to the big sells of the private collectors back in the days...I was very young, but with good assistance of my family.
Also they werent that expensive..i would say rather cheap sometimes ;)
(lucky me)

AAA yes...you asked about em...ah sorry my friend, I dont have em.

But i do have some more goodies from Jacq and J Hallyday, E Mitchell, D Rivers, Les Charlots/Irresisitbles & more!!!

JeanBernardFrance said...

Fine Pablo,I think Dick Rivers(without Chats Sauvages)could be nice but the artist certainly looking on the net because praticaly nothing to download.
I have also bought a few things on ebayfr(including Evariste Calcul Integral)but sometimes high prices and poor vinyl quality.

wirtis said...

Hola Hermano!! Gracias por pasar por mi blog y por los comentarios! Te felicito por tus blog, también son excelentes! De hecho, garage music, ha sido una referencia para mí. Bueno hermano, de nuevo muchas gracias. Nos vemos por acá!
Pd: ¿Sos de Mendoza? Supongo por la abreviatura mza. Pregunto porque yo también convivo con la montaña y el zonda.

anyonesdaughter said...

fantastic, pablo! you always know how to surprise me ;-)
i had been looking for this ep on the blogosphere some time ago, without any success (dead links and such), so i am happy to see it available here now! despite that, dutronc is just a hero concerning music...

be prepared for some new french (michel) stuff on my blog soon, lets see if i can catch up with you...

The Bomber said...

@wirtis: gracias viejo por tu fidbak ;)
ciertamente soy de Mendoza, ud?

@Sarah: yeah...gimme some of that!!!

wirtis said...

Hola Bomber! También yo soy de Mza, genial saber que no estoy sólo por acá. Te cuento que no es mucha la gente que disfrute de estos géneros que publicamos asique cualquier día nos juntamos, tomamos unos vinos y preparamos alguna bomba para arrojar en la web!
Saludos hermano!

EXPO67 said...

Jacques Dutronc had some killer 45 sides.

Not everything was high grade material but when he hit form and sprinkled some fuzz guitar in the mix Dutronc smoked

The Bomber said...

Indeed...I dont like those sweet poppy songs, i do prefer the rockier ones.

Anonymous said...

Dead link! Slightly gutted, I live in England and can't get these records easily....and j'adore les disques du Dutronc.