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Formación 2000 - El mundo al revés + bonus tracks (1969/70)

Perhaps here one of the most bizarre covers of the Beatles 
(I know... there are thousands out there !)
Listen, other goodies too, as Susie Q, Orgullosa Mary...anyway.

From Argentina, "world upside down".
Pre "Reloj".

Posted outhere n several places...but withouTheBonusTracksongs
1st drop: bomber


The Bomber said...


Esmenard Victor said...

I didn't know this group, even the bonus tracks ;)

Thank you very much, muchas gracias.

Jessica said...

this is great!

exterior veneer said...

I agree that it is the most bizzare cover of Beatles. thanks for sharing. xo
- Vinnie

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I didn't know this group, even the bonus tracks ;)

Thank you very much, muchas gracias.

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