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Trevor Lucas - Overlander (1966)

Lucas' solo album will most likely come as a surprise to those who know his work from Fotheringay and Fairport Convention. It's pure traditional British folk, featuring his guitar and deep vocals complemented by violin and accordion, without a trace of rock or folk-rock. It's competent but standard fare, comprised almost wholly of traditional tunes ("Waltzing Matilda" being the most familiar) and not one Lucas original. "South Australia" puts a bit of a spin on the genre, as there are relatively few British folk-styled performances with lyrics about Australia, rather than the British Isles. This rarity is primarily recommended to Fairport fanatics curious about the roots of one of Fairport Convention's second-line members; dozens if not hundreds of similar albums in the style have been made by other performers.

Originally posted on the first days of april,2009.


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