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36 The Doors Rarities Series - Go Insane

Un boot con una muy buena calidad de sonido ... lanzado por Aulica en 1991 ... en formato tipo box set ... mini ... bastante dificil de conseguir ... SE LOS RECOMIENDO A TODOS UNA CALIDAD MUY BUENA ...
A boot with a great quality of sound ... released by Aulica records in 1991, this cd contains a compilation of live performances ... a box set alike ... pretty hard to find ... RECOMMENDED FOR ALL ...



The Bomber said...



1.Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) "Live at Hollywood Bowl"1:36
2.back Door Man "Live at Hollywood Bowl"2:33
3.Five To One "Live at Hollywood Bowl"2:52
4.I'm A King Bee4:02
5.Who Do You Love4:45
6.Go Insane 2:29
7.Summer’s Almost Gone 3:51
8.Do It (Let It Bleed)2:19
9.The End "Live at Hollywood Bowl"15:11

Marcelo said...

Estimado, como siempre muchas gracias por tus aportes, con respecto a este boot, si no tengo mal entendido este es el cd 2, por casualidad tendrás el cd 1?, que completa este box.
Muchas gracias nuevamente.

Window Coverings said...

I like your passage "Happiness only real when shared". Of course it is. That's why we are in love.

The Bomber said...

Yeah...finally somebody notice ! :)

G. said...

Thanks a lot, years ago I bought Vol.2 but could never find the vol.1!

It will take me years to en to all the things you uploaded from the Doors!