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Claude Nougaro - Cécile, ma fille (1963)

Late?...wait, here more.


JeanBernardFrance said...

Hello Pablo
Hope more chance with this Claude EP link than last.
Thanks for Arthur and Bo single and EP.It seems that in US EPs had no photos on covers(Bo EP).

The Bomber (aka Pablo) said...

hello to my french 45 hunter.
Only appears when the french goodies arrive he!?

thank you for visiting.

Yeah, you ll hear some cute tunes.

The Bomber (aka Pablo) said...

passw: bomber-blog.blogspot.com

JeanBernardFrance said...

Thanks for EP link.
A few days ago Cousin Mike posted the UNIQUE French Rock Opera"la malediction des rockers" from "Albert et sa Fanfare Poliorcetique".A real rarity.

anyonesdaughter said...

yeah, this is great.... thanks a lot pablo!!!

JeanBernardFrance said...

Another very rare French instrumental post on Cousin Mike this morning:Les Monegasques.