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The Electric Prunes - The Warner/Reprise Sessions

Released by Rhino sometime ago... great stuff for collector ! ! you wont find acid garage here... mostly instrumental, with their orchestral arrengments. Read carefully.
There appeared to be an abrupt shift in the Electric Prunes musical direction with the release of the album, 'Mass in F Minor' , in January 1968. This was a concept rock opera mixing Gregorian music and psychedelic pop with vocals in Latin. The opening track of the 'Mass in F Minor' LP - 'Kyrie Eleison' - is widely known and backed the acid trip scene in the movie 'Easy Rider' (1969). Electric Prunes songs were also included in several other films of the late sixties, such as 'The Name of the Game Is Kill' (1968). Promotion of the album led the band to even appearing on the Pat Boone Show, where they did a lip sync performance of 'Kyrie Eleison'.
The 'Mass in F Minor' LP seemed to mark the beginning of the end for the original Electric Prunes. The band started to go in a totally different direction to what it originally been set out to do. James Lowe left the band in the middle of a tour of Texas. The band continued for about two months after he left. Both Mike Gannon and newcomer Joe Dooley also quit, leaving just Mark Tulin and Ken Williams as the original band members.
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Man, great band. Really nice guys, too. I got the chance to interview them one time and we talked a little about Mass in F Minor. You can check it out at: http://www.kreetik.com/1/post/2009/09/interview-with-the-electric-prunes.html

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