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Pierre Henry - Mass for the Present time (1968)

the linkstill alive since 24th july 2008! ! !


The Bomber said...


(England, Philips 4FE8004 (836 893 DSY)) Four Front Stereo series; white labels. copyright 1968

Passw: mza-acid

anyonesdaughter said...

thanks for this one, man.
i only have the original french release "Messe Pour Le Temps Present", which lacks most of the tracks to be found on this one.
psyche rock is great, many folks will instantly recognize the theme melody of futurama, whic was ripped off this masterpiece.
cheers pablo!

The Bomber said...

its a great lp...also love a wozard of iz ;).
its a good trip ah??

Philip said...

Thanks for the share. Do you realize the rapidshare file only contains side one of the album?

The Bomber said...

nope...checked it and its the full album..try again my friend & let me know pliz.

Adam said...

yeah it seems to be missing the second side. Tracks green queen and variations for a door and a sigh are both missing. . . at least that's what i've gathered from looking at the picture of the back of the album. ..

Philip said...

Sorry Bomber, but pierre_henry_Uk_release_mza-acid_.rar contains the following:

pierre henry,Uk release(mza-acid)

Jericho Jerk by Pierre Henry 1968 Philips 4FE8004 DeccaMk1.mp3
Le Voyage (extract) by Pierre Henry 1968 Philips 4EF8004 DeccaMk1.mp3
Prologue by Pierre Henry 1968 Philips 4FE8004 DeccaMk1.mp3
Psyche Rock by Pierre Henry 1968 Philips 4FE8004 DeccaMk1.mp3
Teen Tonic by Pierre Henry 1968 Philips 4EF8004 DeccaMk1.mp3
Too Fortiche by Pierre Henry 1968 Philips 4EF8004 DeccaMk1.mp3

As I and Adam noted, these are all Side 1 tracks, nothing from Side 2.

The Bomber said...

well guys ill re up this one...and will see ok? thanks for telling.

Anonymous said...

defenitely missing the last 2 songs & no thumbs.db file, I just dl it

Sgt Howie said...

Here is a version I found online - 192k with all tracks.


The Bomber said...

thank you Sgt ! ! !

Sgt Howie said...

Sorry, just realized that file is missing tracks 18 & 20. Will upload a complete version ASAP.

Sgt Howie said...

Complete (20 tracks): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ETQH6HKI

The Bomber said...

thanks Sgt !

Anonymous said...

Well I agree but I think the brief should acquire more info then it has.

Anonymous said...

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franco58 said...

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ultravnr said...

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