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Southwind - Ready to ride (1970)

Country-rock unit Southwind comprised singer/guitarist John Martin, singer/bassist Jim Pulte, organist Phil Hope and drummer Eric Dalton. Originally formed at the University of Oklahoma as a rockabilly combo called the Disciples, in 1967 the group relocated to Los Angeles at the suggestion of musician friend Fontaine Brown, adopting the more contemporary moniker Southwind and significantly expanding their sound to incorporate elements of British Invasion-inspired pop, psychedelic rock and traditional country.

Signing to the tiny Venture label, in 1968 Southwind issued their self-titled debut; Brown soon replaced Hope as a fulltime member of the band, with a move to Blue Thumb preceding their 1970 follow-up Ready to Ride, in part recorded live at the Fillmore West. 1971's What a Strange Place to Land, meanwhile, spotlighted a more pronounced blues influence than past efforts. Southwind disbanded soon after the record's release; swapping his birth name for his nickname "Moon," Martin went on to back Linda Ronstadt, later recording a series of solo albums and writing the Robert Palmer smash "Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)." Pulte also cut a pair of 1972 solo LPs for United Artists before disappearing from the music scene.
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This is just great, I just love this lp.
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o mas de M:

John "Moon" Martin nació en Oklahoma, USA, en 1950. Creció en la pequeña ciudad de Altus en la frontera con Texas.
El padre de John que distribuia discos para las jukeboxes de la zona. John aprendió a tocar la guitarra y la primera canción que tocó fué "Peggy Sue". Como no había grupos de rock en la ciudad, John empezó a tocar country y western music con "Cece Weilson and the Panhandle Ramblers".
Unos años después John y unos amigos empezaron con unas imitaciones de los Beatles y empezaron a ganar dinero tocando en bailes de colegio. A finales de los 60's, empezó a tocar la guitarra principal en una rockabilly band llamada "The Diciples". pronto empezaron a tener fama local e incluso tocaron en ciudades como Chicago y New Orleans. Debido a este éxito deciden trasladarse a la costa oeste, en 1967 cambian el nombre por"Southwind".
En L.A. no tardan mucho en hacer un contrato con una pequeña compañía. Su primer album fué un desastre. Tres productores diferentes había trabajado con el album. Willie Hutch y Leon Ware habían estado produciendo a artistas de black sou de segundo nivel. El tercer productor fué Doug Brown que era de Detroit y que tuvo una banda, "The Omens", de la que Bob Seger era miembro.
Despues del album debrt de Southwinds el cantante y organo, Phil Hope, deja el grupo y es reemplazado por Doug Brown, ahora llamandose Fontaine Brown. El segundo disco de Southwinds, "Ready To Ride", se graba en the Blue Thumb label, que debido a sus escasos medios no acrecenta el potencial de la banda, aun así canciones como "Heat Down In The Alley" son oidas en la radio.
Pasan dos años hasta el tercer album de Southwinds, "What a Place To Land". Southwind se desbanda. If "Ready To Ride" fue dominado por Fontaine Brown, aunque John trabajó a destajo.
Despues de la desbandada John, que se había hecho un nombre como guitar player, empieza a trabajar como musico de estudio.

laclasedetercero said...

Hola Pablo.
Me llamo Alf y me gustaria que volvieras a meter el link de Saint Stevens.
Suelo ver blog pero no muy a menudo, y esta noche me he metido de lleno a leer todo lo que escribes., y he encontrado el link de Saint Stevens. Llevo buscando el disco hace bastante tiempo, no te lo creeras, pero cosa de 25 años.
Me regalaron un catálogo de una tienda francesa cuando tenía 25 años y desde entonces busco a esta animal extinguido.
De todas maneras, gracias por ser un blogero.
Ánimo y a seguir siendo libres.
Saludos desde Sevilla.

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thanks Pablo, bomber-fuzz-master!!!


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Hola amigo, te visito de vez en cuando y quiero decirte que me gusta el blog.Este disco reliquia tiene buena pinta, me lo voy a bajar, gracis y saludos.

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Happy Christmas to Pablo and all friends of the Blog.For Christmas a few shops are selling Argentinian cherries others are also from Chile(very big and good).My niece was very pleased for the 3 weeks passed in your country ,greatlandscapes and charming people(but this we know Pablo).

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Merry Christmas Pablo my beloving dear friend....sorry I'm already drunk!!!..love ya
We 're listening to the Stranglers right now!!!!
HANGING AROUND..their first LP...

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Hi Bomber,

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Thanks to all of my friends! ! !

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for Southwind... I saw them live at state U. @ Albany in NY back in 1970. Ther were the warm up for Cnned Heat!! Talk about a show. Thanks again & Happy New Year.

Lyle in NY

The Bomber said...

ahhhhh i wish i was you there ! ! !
thats great lyle...what do you remember bout that concert ? ?the set list? ? cover repertoire ? ?never liked the canned heat...do you?

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

The Bomber said...

thanx-alo-t! yes...i ll try to improve more in the future...i was very young when started posting the Doors Boots,,heheh.

Anonymous said...

"Anyway, all the best in 2010 to all!!" Alan Brackett said on the The Peanut Butter Conspiracy board:

"This year- 2010 - will likely see some action from us - the PBC - as far as new music goes. Looks like the new cd featuring Barbara (Robison) is going to happen and the new recordings we are doing (with Karen Mitchell and Jim Laspesa) will get finished up. We don't quite know what we'll do with them yet - maybe put them on iTunes or ?" (http://pub15.bravenet.com/forum/static/show.php?usernum=1240898873&frmid=64)

Jason Odd said...

Hey, it's probably worth a mention that Southwind drummer Eric 'Deputy' Dalton, was also part of the Hot Burrito Review, a European tour version of the Flying Burrito Brothers in the early 70s. This group also contained a version of bluegrass supergroup Country Gazette.
Country Gazette also named an instrumental after Eric, "Deputy Dalton".. and it's a hot number!

Great group of Okie transplants on the west coast, oh.. and it's probably been mentioned above, but Moon Martin was also part of Linda Ronstadt's band and almost part of the Eagles in 1971.

A grand looking blog if I do say so



The Bomber said...

Hi there Jason!
didnt know all those things about the guys! thanks for sharing!
I do have some of the Gazette and the Review, i ll drop em soon

yes do know about Martin and his career indeed,
never liked the Eagles

Thanks for your words

Bill Higgins-- Beam Jockey said...

I went hunting for information about the song "Cool Green Hills of Earth" and you came through with photos of the album cover and labels. Muchas gracias!

The song lyrics first appeared in a story by Robert A. Heinlein, "The Green Hills of Earth," in the Saturday Evening Post for 8 February 1947. It's about a blind songwriting astronaut. Southwind set the words to music (as others have). I'd like to hear this version someday.

The Bomber said...

Yeah...did you hear the lp then???
check the 1st comment, there you have the link to listen the whole set ;)

yeah...great info...
I ll search for more!

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Excellent photos it reminded me when I went to a festival like that, it was incredible because my friends and I had a great day and we enjoyed so much the concerts.

metalmikeinoakland said...

if i'm not wildly mistaken --

fontaine brown was DOUG BROWN of Doug Brown and the Omens (from the mid-60's Detroit garage band scene) (and a mover/shaker there) -- who was involved in EARLY Bob Seger and the Last Heard recordings. the first ofwhich (EAST SIDE STORY on cameo/parkway) might be the best 45 ever recorded in the entire 60's (hard rock dept, as in tied with any other list of greatest 45s, the Who and Yardbirds included. i mean, c'mon, 1966 BOB SEGER...infuckingsane). i believe the only 45 by Doug Brown (during that Detroit era) is an oddity on the Chess/Checker label but i'd have to check YOutube to see if my distant memory (i have one, but filed away decades ago) is correct (that it is totally unremarkable).

The Bomber said...

Man, thats great info. By any chance you have those rips to share or im asking stupidities !? I have to check if I have those, but now for shure I know that "not on my collection".

Be good.