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Rob Hoeke R&B Group - Jolita (1968)

Here's my new 45 from this group, "Jolita" (B-side is an instrumental version of the same song)

The song is nice but the female backing vocals can get on one's nerves after a while, thus I prefer the instrumental version. What is even nicer about this 45 is the lovely fold-out psychedelic paper sleeve of which I made scans from the in- and outside. The text on the inside unfortunately is in Dutch, so I don't understand a word. The song itself is creditet to Manfred Mann and Mike Hugg, that's why there's a picture of Mann on the inside and his name on the outside. Now this is what's so clever about the cover design: on the front it says "Manfred Mann" in big letters and "Manfred Mann played by Rob Hoeke R&B Group" underneath. If you turn the record around, you have "Rob Hoeke Rhythm & Blues Group" in big letters and "Rob Hoeke plays Manfred Mann" written above. So when you open up the sleeve and look at the outside you have a funny kind of symmetry. -anyonesdaugher-


The Bomber said...

Passw: bomber
...served by anyonesdaughter...

Written-By - Manfred Mann, Mike Hug*
Note: Manfred Mann Played By Rob Hoeke R&B Group.

anyonesdaughter said...

what a drag noone seems to be interested in this one :-(
but as i am planning to start a new blog myself, i am probably going to repost it there with all the other stuff and maybe ill find some readers who'd fancy to download this.
are you ready for some more new 45s? i havent sent you all of my new "acquisitions" yet ;-)

The Bomber said...

yes...its a shame good stuff dont get good results... :(

a personal blog? ? ? heheheh wanna become a famous blogger dear? ?
all your lovely stuff its always welcome... ;)

Esmenard Victor said...

Well, well, give me a moment :)

Well in fact, I find the sung side a bit weak, but the instrumental is much more powerful.

Thank you.

anyonesdaughter said...

thanks for the first visitor comment, esmenard!
yes, as i said before, the a side with the vocals can be quite annoying... i must admit i only bought this 45 because i liked the cover art so much!
nevertheless rob hoeke is a terrific r&b artist, have you ever listened to "margio"?

StevenK said...

Thanks for posting this!


Anonymous said...

This was a commercialsong of Jolita nylon stockings in the sixties on a Dutch Offshore Piratestation, sung by Rob Hoeke.